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Best General Contractors in Vernal, Utah

Utah > Vernal > General Contractors

Hogan & Associates Construction Licensed Contractor Licensed

84% Kukun's score
76% User's score
$20,000 - $50,000 average project cost range
77 years in business
1 Project near you.

Bach Homes LLC Licensed Contractor Licensed

77% Kukun's score
17% User's score
$100,000 - $250,000 average project cost range
16 years in business
2 Projects near you.

ContractOne Licensed Contractor Licensed

54% Kukun's score
- User's score
7 Projects near you.

Tholen Custom Homes INC Licensed Contractor Licensed

43% Kukun's score
100% User's score
37 years in business
1 Project near you.
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Map Info
Each pin (Map pin) represents a project made by one of the contractors displayed on the list to the left.

One contractor may have done several projects near you. If you select one contractor you will highlight the pins (Map active pin) of the corresponding projects near you.


Vernal Utah contractor's map
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