New Mexico Full Bathroom Remodeling CostAre you remodeling your Full Bathroom in New Mexico? Take a look at top cities and similar projects inside NM.

New Mexico Full Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Full Bathroom Cost in New Mexico

Comparing Full Bathroom average prices in New Mexico's top cities

New Mexico avg: $10,295

Country avg

rio rancho
las cruces
santa fe

The average cost for remodeling a Kitchen across the country is: $11,795

Large home sizes$11,847
This is the estimated cost for a large home size of 2,753 square feet
Average home sizes$10,295
The estimated cost for a typical home of 2,140 square feet, which is 64.7% less than the country average
Small home sizes$8,385
Estimated cost for a small (and cozy) home of 1,531 square feet