Garage Remodeling Cost in Cape May, NJAre you remodeling your Garage in Cape May, NJ? Learn everything about the process, from average costs and ROI, to similar projects

Garage Remodeling Cost in Cape May NJ

Average costs of a Garage Remodel in Cape May, NJ

Large home sizes$15,235
This is the estimated cost for a large home size of 2,734 square feet
Average home sizes$13,851
The estimated cost for a typical home of 2,213 square feet, which is 16.5% more than the country average
Small home size$12,520
Estimated cost for a small (and cozy) home of 1,709 square feet
Country avg
City avg

The average cost for remodeling a Kitchen across the country is: $11,335

The average profit that remodeling a Garage in Cape May, NJ will provide you for an average home size

Finish level:



Finish level:



Finish level:



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