Sunroom Addition, Remodel And Expansion in O Brien, OR

Are you planning to add, renovate or expand your Sunroom in O Brien, OR? Learn everything about the process, from average costs and ROI, to similar projects

Sunroom Addition Costs in O Brien, OR

Average costs of a Sunroom Addition, Remodel And Expansion in O Brien, OR

Large home sizes $580
This is the estimated cost for a large home size of 2,568 square feet.
Average home size $448
The estimated cost for a typical home of 2,232 square feet, which is 13.1% less than the country average
Small home sizes $345
Estimated cost for a small (and cozy) home of 1,897 square feet

The average cost for adding, remodeling or expanding a Sunroom across the country is: $524

The average profit that remodeling a Sunroom in O Brien, OR will provide you for an average home size
Finish level:


Finish level:


Finish level:


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