Best General Contractors in San Diego, CA

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We know you don't hire home renovation contractors from a directory but through a word of mouth. Click on any pin to see which contractor worked with which neighbor. Explore the contractor's profile for their online reviews, all their previous permits and ask your neighbor if you should hire their contractor.

How to hire a contractor?

Hiring the right contractor is challenging, but you can do it right if you are armed with the right information. From a contractor, you should expect three things: a good price, on-time delivery, and quality. We believe that to hire the best contractor all you need to know is:

Where have they worked and what have they worked on?
What type of projects do they tend to do (so you can get an expert)?
What their reputation is like?

Word of mouth is relatively reliable when you hire, but is limited to your network of friends who have worked with contractors.The problem is that there are many great contractors out there who are not visible to you because they are not in your direct circle.

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