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Furnace replacement cost estimator

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Furnace replacement cost

The national average for an oil furnace installation cost ranges from $2,200 to $5,900.

Most homeowners pay about $3,000 to install a gas furnace.

The cost increases if the work entails adapting the existing duct work. Apart from the furnace price, running this type of furnace can be very expensive.

For those who are facing the dilemma of replacing their old oil furnace, it’s important to know that the oil furnace replacement cost justifies switching to a more cost-effective furnace.

As oil prices rise, oil furnaces have become almost extinct among heating systems. What’s more, the federal government offers rebate incentives for homeowners to replace such furnaces.

If you choose an electric furnace as a replacement for an oil furnace, it would probably cost somewhere in the range of $670 to $2,000.

If a heat pump suits your requirements, it’s one of the most viable ways of saving money on your energy bills. Its cost ranges from $4,000 to $7,160, which comes to $5,600 on average. Of course, the final cost will depend on the size of your home and the type of heat pump you choose.

There’s a new heating option on the market that’s gaining popularity: heat pumps. These devices pull in heat from the air or ground using refrigerant coils. The best part about these furnaces is that they can be used as air conditioning units in the summer. However, they might not be very efficient in areas that experience extremely cold weather.

A furnace installation cost depends on a lot of variables, including the type and size of the furnace, the brand of furnace, the complexity of the installation and the efficiency of the new unit – to name a few.

Furnace Type Average Cost Advantages
Electric furnace $700–$2,000
  • Cheapest to buy and install
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Runs quietly
  • Lasts 20–30 years
Gas furnace $1,200–$2,400
  • Cheap furnace price and
  • Minimal repair issues
  • Heats up a house faster than an
    electric furnace, and to a higher
  • Although a low-quality gas furnace
    might catch fire or explode, it's
    highly unlikely with modern
  • Uses gas wisely in an HVAC
  • Lasts 10–20 years
Oil furnace $1,900–$5,900
  • Heating oil is not explosive
  • Heating oil creates 140,000 BTUs
    of heat per gallon
  • Lasts 16–20 years
  • Furnace price and cost of installation
  • Furnace price and cost of installation
  • Durability
  • Maintenance costs
  • Heat output/efficiency/BTUs (defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit)

A new furnace is more energy efficient, lasts longer and will save you money on utility costs in the long run. This is primarily because of the improved technology and EPA guidelines.

Newer models have furnace efficiency ratings of 90 to 95 percent, meaning lower energy costs. It’s a wise decision to replace your old furnace. And no more hassle of calling a technician for furnace repair work!

If you’re contemplating replacing your existing furnace or installing one in your new home, it’s best to consult a licensed furnace installation professional. They can properly evaluate your house to determine the best and most cost-effective to heat it.

Once you decide to get a furnace installed in your home, you need to know how much of an investment you need for this home improvement.

Naturally, you have to know the furnace installation cost in order to calculate what you can afford to spend. It’s also the best way to ensure that you don’t stumble across any unwelcome surprises during the execution of your project.

Acquiring a free estimate for your furnace will help you create a realistic budget for the replacement.

Getting an estimate through Kukun’s furnace replacement or installation cost estimator is easy. Just follow the steps below to get your confidential address-based estimate in minutes!

1. Enter the type of remodel you want from the options below:

  • 1,200 sq.ft. home: This project involves replacing an existing furnace of about 40–60K BTUs, used to heat homes that are approximately 600–1,200 square feet in size. This cost includes connecting the new furnace to existing ductwork.
  • 2,400–3,400 sq.ft. home: This project involves replacing an existing furnace of about 120–240K BTUs, used to heat homes that are approximately 2,400–3,400 square feet in size. The cost includes connecting the new furnace to existing ductwork.
  • 1,201–2,399 sq.ft home: This project involves replacing an existing furnace of about 120–240 BTUs, which heats a home approximately 1,201 – 2,399 square feet in size. Estimated cost also includes connecting the new furnace to existing ductwork.

2. Enter your property details

Enter the full address to get ROI /recoup value of your house or just give zipcode to get just the renovation cost estimate

And there you go! Your furnace replacement cost estimate is ready!

With this estimate, you can analyze your finance options or hire a professional to get started on the work right away.

Also, we are happy to help you find professional remodeling contractors who have worked in your neighborhood and have been vetted by your neighbors.

Moreover, you can explore each contractor's profile, check out their online reviews, view all their previous permits, and then ask around your vicinity before hiring them.

As part of any home improvement project, it’s best to plan ahead and not keep anything pending after your project starts.

Here are a few steps you must take:

  • Get the required furnace installation permits.
  • Plan the home improvement on a day when you have plenty of time to spare.
  • Avoid the spring and fall renovation rushes if you’re on a tight budget and timeline.
  • On the main day, clear the pathway leading to the furnace by removing any furniture, throw rugs and other hazards.
  • Remove any boxes that are directly in front of your furnace.
  • Sweep the space thoroughly in order to remove any dust and debris around the furnace.
  • Keep an eye on all aspects of the furnace replacement or installation.
  • Determine a budget in order to manage your furnace installation seamlessly.
  • Always include leeway (at least 20% extra) for any surprise costs.
  • Work with an HVAC expert. A professional will ensure that all permits and inspections are up to date.
  • Get a written contract from your HVAC contractor with details about the complete schedule, payment and guarantee.
  • Check the filter monthly for any debris. Replace the filter as and when required.
  • Get it tuned up regularly.
  • Keep a good humidity level in your house.
  • Make sure your garage is properly sealed.

By following these tips, your furnace installation will be easy, and your furnace will run smoothly and safely – keeping you cozy and warm for a long time.

A planned furnace installation and its regular maintenance will help you make your house both cost and energy efficient. It’ll also help you avoid expensive home repairs in the future.

Moreover, the presence of a well-maintained furnace is an important consideration for potential home buyers. It’ll surely help get you the best price possible on the real estate market.

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