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Kukun Home Gym Cost Calculator: Get an Estimate in Minutes!

Staying fit does come with a price tag. However, it's definitely worth the expense! Building a home gym can vary a lot in terms of its cost. That is to say, you could be spending $100 or hundreds of thousands of dollars - depending on the gym size, the kind of gym you want, and the equipment you want to install.

The average cost is around $4,000, with most homeowners spending anywhere between $800 and $15,000. A really tiny, compact home gym in a corner of an existing room that's meant only for some simple workouts will probably cost you between $130 and $450.

Here are a few factors that affect the total cost of your gym remodeling:

Gym size: A small home gym setup may only require about 5 feet by 5 feet but a larger weight room would typically take up space of about 200 square feet. More square footage means a costlier and more complex reno work. And, the more complex your workout room is, the more expensive it will be.

Location: Your gym's location also plays a role in the total renovation cost. For example, if you want to turn your garage or basement into a home gym, you can expect to pay anywhere between $6,000 and $29,000.

The project is more expensive than using a spare guest room as it includes the cost of finishing the space, plumbing work, temperature control, and electricity. A basement gym setup will cost you between $11,000 and $29,000, while a garage gym will cost you $6,000 to $11,000.

Exercise room flooring: The cost for a new gym flooring is between $750 and $3,800 - depending on the type of flooring you choose. Repairing or replacing the subflooring will be between $490 and $2,400.

The best and most cost-effective home gym flooring options are wall-to-wall carpeting and rubber flooring.

Hiring professionals: Hiring a structural engineer costs between $340 and $700. But, they are worth the money as they can tell you if the existing space and floor can bear the weight of the heavy gyming equipment and machines.

Hiring an electrician is usually $250 to $1,000. Their job is to ensure that there are enough power outlets, with sufficient amperage, available for your electric workout equipment. You might need to upgrade or replace your existing electrical panel. This kind of work will set you back by $530 to $2,100.

Additional features: Installing an LED light fixture in the gym area will cost you between $150 and $800. Keep in mind that good lighting is absolutely essential to avoid eye strain. Also, it helps you recreate natural light - something that adds to your productivity at the gym.

A gym is also incomplete without a large mirror. It helps make an otherwise small gym room appear bigger and brighter - helping you improve your workout. You can expect to pay $150 to $460 for a quality mirror.

Furthermore, you can set aside between $170 and $380 for a TV installation. A television or an audio system will help you endure those long cardio exercises and achieve your health goal.

A standard HVAC unit costs between $2,000 and $5,000. If you're turning an unfinished room into a compact home gym, you'll have to install a ceiling fan ($140 to $350) for some air circulation and/or a dehumidifier ($1,300 to $3,800).

Your home gym should reflect the type of physical training you aspire for. Different gymnasiums require different accessories, equipment, and setup. Here are some popular types of home gyms with their approximate pricing. Keep in mind that the cost estimate is for a basic setup.

  • Yoga gym: $15 - $180 (yoga mat and yoga strap)
  • Pilates gym: $100 - $1,000 (exercise mat, stability ball, resistance bar, small weights, dumbbells, and suspension training kit)
  • Weight lifting gym: $580 - $5,050 (dumbbells, weights, kettlebells, weight plates, barbell, bench press, and squat rack)
  • Calisthenics gym: $200 - $1,000 (pull-up bar, dip bars, and resistance bands)
  • Crossfit gym: $1,500 - $4,000

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the shutting down of commercial gyms for months. That's when many fitness enthusiasts decided to invest their money, effort, and time in setting up their own workout area. If you too want to build the best home gym, but are unsure of the total expenditure, the Kukun gym cost calculator will help you arrive at the closest cost estimate.

A home gym is a smart investment as it benefits you physically, mentally, and financially. The good news is that you can create your own exercise room on a budget - depending on your training goals and how complex the setup is. That is to say, whether you're buying just a few dumbbells for a basic workout or building an all-inclusive weight training room. There's no doubt that having the best home gym can have many advantages. It's definitely more convenient than a commercial gym. And, it's a one-time investment as compared to paying for a gym membership. You can work out anytime you want, without venturing out of your home.

Once you decide where exactly you want to build a home gym, you have to work out the right equipment, flooring, and gym design ideas. If you're a beginner, it's best to hire a professional who can provide you with proper supervision.

Our home gym cost estimator is a free online tool that helps you calculate the cost of setting up your own exercise room. Simply enter your specifications and get an estimate of your total renovation cost in minutes!

This will help you set aside a realistic budget for your home improvement project - giving you a definite advantage before the actual work begins.

The gym cost calculator tool is easy to use. It uses relevant data such as the type of renovation you want, your zip code, and the scope of the project to arrive at an estimate.

You can get your home gym cost estimate in minutes by following the steps below!

  • 1. Select the home gym calculator on the home renovation cost estimator page
  • 2. Choose the type of upgrade you're looking for in the gym area from the following options:
    • Renovation
    • Expansion
    • Addition
  • 3. Enter the size of your home gym
  • 4. Select the home gym equipment you want to install
  • 5. Provide your exact home address (Your location helps us give you a better cost estimate as we can keep a track of the labor and material prices, permit history, and similar renovations in your neighborhood).
  • 6. Mention the size of your home in terms of square footage
  • 7. Enter your home value (approximately)

Get your personalized project cost estimate for different finish levels - Value, Quality, or Luxury. You can further customize the price estimate based on whether you're planning to hire a general contractor or not.

Getting an estimate for your home gym cost will give you a fair idea of how much of an investment you'll need to make. You can then organize your home improvement project better - effectively managing the timelines, inclusions, and your home renovation budget.

It's also the best way to ensure that you'll not encounter any unpleasant surprises and unplanned expenses during the execution of your gym project.

Keep in mind that if you're turning your basement or garage into a weight room it will take between three and six weeks to complete the renovation work. This covers the time it takes to refurbish the room as well as to install the necessary equipment.

The price range for your gym equipment is between $50 and $5,000 - depending on your choice of weights, machines, and the type of workout you have in mind. Gym equipment prices also vary according to the brand you choose. You can also invest in more elaborate "all-in-one" exercise systems that allow you to perform different types of workouts. Of course, they would cost a lot more.

For entry-level gym equipment such as squat racks, pull-up bars, iron plates, adjustable dumbbells, and free weights, you can visit your local sporting goods store or large retailers such as Walmart and Target.

Here's a table to give you a good idea of what you can install in your home gym, and at what price:

Gymnasium Equipment Price Range
Power rack $300 to $5000
Cardio machine $350 to $3000
Barbell $180 to $650
Weight plates $450 to $800
Bench press $400 to $800
Dumbbells $350 to $700
Accessories (yoga mat etc.) $50 to $150

Home gym equipment can be just as beneficial as those found in big gymnasiums. In fact, home workouts offer more flexibility and can be more effective than going to the gym because they are done in a designated area. So, the focus is only on health and fitness rather than on the time and effort spent to get to a commercial gym.

Additionally, it's a practical solution for those who are unable to visit their local gyms. Of course, the results depend on how efficiently you use your time and the home gym equipment to put forth your best effort.

Some of the most effective home gym equipment include the following:

  • Rowing machine
  • Treadmill
  • Climbmill/Stairmaster
  • TRX system or a home gym system for Total Body Resistance Exercise
  • Indoor cycle or spin bike
  • Elliptical trainer or cross-trainer

A personal gym is a smart investment as compared to paying the average annual cost of a gym membership of about $200 to $3,000. This is especially true if multiple family members plan to make use of the exercise room. The upfront investment may be higher but designing the best home gym pays off down the road.

A personal gym experience is unmatched. We've gathered the pros and cons of having a home gym to help you understand if your decision is a good one or not.


  • No monthly or annual payments toward the gym subscription fee.
  • Availability of the gym 24/7 and the freedom to work out throughout the year.
  • Cuts down travel time and cost in reaching the gym.
  • No sharing of gym equipment with strangers.
  • One-time financial investment that can help you save money in the long run.


  • Absence of any social interaction or healthy competition.
  • Expensive home improvement project.
  • Scope for family distractions.
  • Needs immense willpower to maintain interest and focus in your training session.

A daily workout routine, as part of a good home gym system, is one of the best ways to improve overall health and physical fitness. Setting up the best home gym can be the answer for you if you're hesitant to join a gym out of commitment issues, anxiety, or simply plain financial restraints. It need not be expensive or time-consuming to put up a gym for at-home workouts.

Here are a few steps you'll need to set up the best home gym system:

  • Find a comfortable space or a dedicated room to work out.
  • Install suitable home gym flooring.
  • Design the best home gym that's conducive to maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Ensure good ventilation and natural light.
  • Buy the right home gym equipment and a yoga mat.
  • Install a huge gym mirror.
  • Get good storage for your home gym equipment.
  • Utilize your home gym to motivate you toward better health.

The ultimate option for home gym flooring is rubber flooring. The resilient and long-lasting flooring is water-resistant and discourages the growth of mold and mildew. Such a home gym flooring can seamlessly cover any type of surface, including hard concrete floors or carpeted floors.

Moreover, it can easily support the heaviest of exercise equipment. Another reason rubber is popular for home gym flooring is because it provides the gym with maximum durability and shock absorbency - circumventing the aches and pains of a tough workout for the gym user.

That is to say, rubber flooring protects the person from hard falls and impacts. And, it protects the floor underneath from any damage caused by dropped weights or heavy home gym equipment.

You must plan your home gyming project well in advance. Its success and ease depend on having a good plan and sticking to it. Here are some useful tips for those planning to construct a personalized home gym system at home:

  • Keep a practical, compact home gym design plan ready.
  • Decide on the home gym equipment and accessories you want.
  • Use a reliable gym cost estimator to set a realistic budget for the home gym system.
  • Add an extra 20% for any unplanned expenses.
  • Expect price fluctuations in the gym equipment cost and longer delivery time during the pandemic.
  • Work only with expert and licensed remodeling contractors for a flawless job and correct guidance.
  • Be sure to get a warranty or guarantee from your contractor.

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