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Game room remodel costs

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How much does a gaming room cost?

The average cost to remodel a game room is around $19,000. A low-end game room remodel starts at approximately $6,500 and may go up to several thousand dollars. The amount takes a lot of factors into consideration.

The cost of your game room remodel depends on the size of the room, the add-ons and the finish levels you choose. Your game room remodel cost factors will also include the scope of renovation, labor charges, quality of materials and types of fixtures.

  • Create a cool hangout place with a pool table, a shuffleboard or a pinball machine.
  • Design a music corner with your musical instruments and other memorabilia lining the open shelving. You can even add a jukebox for some retro flair!
  • Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces to enhance the space's versatility. For example, a ping pong table that doubles as a dining table for special occasions.
  • Set up a projector for movie nights or video games with friends and family. Get comfortable couches to enhance your home theater experience in the media room.
  • Build a half court at home if your kids love shooting hoops. If your game room is smaller, get a kid-sized, arcade-style basketball hoop and attach it to the most convenient wall.
  • Create a study corner with cozy seating and plenty of books lining wall-mounted shelves. If you want to use the space for both learning and playing, you can add a foosball or a chessboard in a corner.
  • Design a small home gym by adding a punching bag, a ballet bar and other gym equipment. Remember to maximize this space by placing a large mirror against the wall.
  • Paint the room walls in bright hues, leaving a single wall in chalk paint. This will make your game room even more fun. The children can paint and draw all over the walls, without you reprimanding them.
  • Use vertical space to design a ceiling-high playpen. The kids can also use the playroom as a space to hunker down and do their homework.
  • Make an adult-friendly space by putting a bar at the back of your game room. You can hang stylish pendant lights and place a colorful area rug along with your game of choice.

A game room is, as the name suggests, a space dedicated to playing indoor games such as table tennis and video games. This recreational space usually houses several components, such as a TV and its stand, a home theater, game tables and gaming chairs. Proper game room design really lends itself to a wonderful and complete gaming experience for everyone in the home.

If you are looking to expand your game room or add some changes to its current design, it’s a great idea to think about a renovation. A carefully planned remodeling project will also increase the value of your property in the real estate market.

Acquiring a free estimate for your game room remodeling will help you create a realistic budget – getting you quality work at a fair price. It’s also the best way to ensure that you don’t stumble across any unwelcome surprises during the execution of your project.

Getting an estimate through Kukun’s game room remodel cost estimator is easy. Just follow the steps below to get your custom, personalized total cost in minutes!

1. Enter type of remodeling and size of property:

Select the type of remodeling you want from the three options:

  • Addition:
    Adding new square footage to the house. This option requires a new foundation. You can choose to add square feet to a single-story home OR to the second story.
  • Renovation:
    Remodeling the hallway without any change to the walls.
  • Expansion:
    Expanding the existing area by moving walls within or outside the perimeter of the house. This option might require the addition of a new foundation as well.

2. Select the size of your space:

  • Small: 100 Sq.ft
  • Medium: 200 Sq.ft
  • Large: 300 Sq.ft
  • Custom: Enter the measurements according to your specifications

3. Enter the scope of renovation from the three options below:

  • Cosmetic Changes:
    Ideal if you are selling your home. Cosmetic changes to the game room renovation involves work on a common area and wet bar. Includes flooring, countertops, faucets, sinks, light fixtures, paint and hardware. New plumbing, electrical, cabinets, pool table, shuffleboard and guaranteed good times not included. NO permit required.
  • Typical Renovation:
    Ideal if you are just changing the interior. A Typical Renovation game room renovation includes work on a common area and wet bar. This type of renovation includes mostly new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, texture, paint, cabinets, countertops, flooring, trimwork (baseboards, door casing, etc.), new fixtures, and hardware. Permit required.
  • Down to the Studs:
    Ideal if you are stripping walls or want to change plumbing and electrical. A Down to the Studs game room renovation includes work on a common area and wet bar. This type of renovation includes all the bells and whistles of Ideal if you are just changing the interior. A Typical Renovation-level project, plus some interior structural rearrangement, new doors and windows, custom materials, longer lead times and stretched job timelines. Wet bar supplies and pool cues not included. Permit required.

4. Choose the type of finish you desire:

  • Budget-friendly:
    Budget friendly is an economical finish level and gives you the feeling you get when you step into a newly built home.
  • Mid-range:
    Mid range finish level is higher end and includes higher quality materials and more personalized options like recessed lighting, higher end appliances, etc.
  • High-end:
    Materials are high end and customized to the owner's taste. Every material will be differentiated and may take a little longer to put together, but the finished product is amazing.

5. Enter your property details

Enter the full address to get ROI /recoup value of your house or just give zipcode to get just the renovation cost estimate.

And there you go! An estimate for your game room renovation is ready!

With this estimate, you can analyze your finance options or hire a professional to get started on the work right away.

If you need help with options for professional remodeling contractors in your area, we can help you with that, too. You can explore the contractor's profile, check out their online reviews, view all their previous permits, and then ask around your vicinity about whether you should hire them.

It’s very important that you plan your game room renovation well in advance. Here are some tips to make the process easy, hassle-free and quick:

  • Set a budget for your home remodeling project.
  • Always include leeway for some surprise costs. Experts advise allocating 20% of your budget for such unexpected costs.
  • Keep in mind that the room should be neither too big nor too small. There should be enough distance between the gaming console or the TV and the couch/recliner.
  • Consider investing in soundproofing to absorb any sound and also improve the sound quality inside the room.
  • Ensure proper insulation, framing the ceiling and walls, and using drywall especially designed for noise control.
  • Invest in thick carpets, curtains and acoustic panels to further absorb noise.
  • Select a suitable multiple speaker system, TV, gaming console and projector.
  • Consider wireless connectivity if you want to eliminate the mess of wires running across the room.
  • Make lighting a priority in your remodeling project. Be sure that it’s functional as well as stylish.
  • Maintain a timeline for the entire process.

The bottom line: plan ahead and don’t keep anything pending after your project starts.

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