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What type of remodel are you planning to do?

Adding new square footage to the house (require new foundation).
Remodeling an existing space with no change to any walls
Expanding an existing room by moving walls within or outside the perimeter of the house (may require new additional foundation)

Cost to add or remodel a sunroom

Sunroom addition costs range between $8,000 and $80,000 – averaging at $30,000. The price usually falls anywhere between $120 and $300 per square foot

On average, your sunroom remodel cost can range from $5,300 to $23,700, depending on the size of the renovated space and your area of residence.

Your total sunroom cost takes into account a number of factors, including the total square footage of the space, the scope of renovation, the cost, your zip code, local labor costs and the finishing details – to name a few.

To get a general idea, check out the table below for an estimate of how the cost varies according to city and project size.

City Size of Project Average Estimated Cost (USD)
Birmingham, Alabama Small
Des Moines, Iowa Small
San Francisco, California Small

Before planning a new sunroom, it’s important to determine which sunroom type fits your needs. It’s best to choose a room that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget. Here are the different types of sunrooms to select from.

Type of Sunroom Key Features Price Range Popular Materials
Screen room An affordable way to enjoy fresh air
Keeps bugs and pests out
Great for porches, rooms, or balconies
$5,000 to $25,000 Black aluminum screening with glass
Integrated sunroom Part of the house
Added to an existing corner of the house
$12,000 to $25,000 Usually built using same materials as the rest of the house
Three season sunroom Separated from the house by an entry door
Not very energy-efficient
Minimal insulation
Not designed to be cooled or heated
$12,500 to $50,000 Aluminum frame and glass (single or double pane)
Four season sunroom Suitable to be used throughout the year
Can be cooled or heated cost-effectively
Can accommodate a patio door, French door or a folding door
$25,000 to $90,000 Vinyl or aluminum frames with double-pane insulated windows
Conservatory Mostly used as a greenhouse for growing plants
Adds a touch of elegance to a home's exterior
Many sizes and shapes available
$18,000 to $95,000 Polycarbonate or glazed glass roof, aluminum or wood beams and glass walls
Solarium Great for enjoying nature and star-studded nights
Completely enclosed by glass on all sides, even on the roof
Heating or cooling can be added
$40,000 to $90,000 Aluminum or wood frame with glass, steel beams
Curved eave sunroom Looks graceful and beautiful
The glass roof curves into the sunroom walls
$40,000 to $80,000 Aluminum and wood

As you must already know, a sunroom is a glass and screen enclosure within the indoor space of your home. It renders an outdoorsy feel to your interior, and homeowners who are lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of a sunroom often talk about its rejuvenating effect.

A sunroom is known by several other names, too, such as a sun porch, porch enclosure, glass enclosure, solarium and Florida room.

Sunroom additions and renovations make a lot of sense. Why? Although this project doesn't fall among those with the highest ROI, a carefully planned remodel will ensure getting at least half of your investment back after resale, making it a viable renovation project to consider.

Some of the factors that will positively impact the resale value are the length of time you can use the sunroom and its size, location, versatility, attractiveness and energy efficiency.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to include these aspects when you plan on renovating or adding a sunroom to your house. Apart from this, giving a whole new dimension to your sunroom will, of course, give it a fresh, new look.

Sunrooms create a unique indoor-outdoor space that allows an abundance of light. This type of addition doesn’t just add value to your home, it also creates a functional, affordable space where you can rejuvenate sipping your favorite cuppa.

Once you decide to build or remodel a sunroom in your home, you need to know how much of an investment you require for this home improvement.

Naturally, you have to know your total sunroom cost in order to calculate what you can afford to spend. It’s also the best way to ensure that you don’t stumble across any unwelcome surprises during the execution of your project.

Getting an estimate through Kukun’s sunroom cost estimator is easy. Just follow the steps below to get your custom, personalized total cost in minutes!

1. Enter the type of remodeling you desire:

  • Addition:
    Adding new square footage to the house, whether that’s adding more space to a single story house/apartment or to the second story – if your remodel requires any new foundation, this is your option.
  • Renovation:
    Remodeling the sunroom without any change to the walls.
  • Expansion:
    Expanding the existing area by moving walls within or outside the perimeter of the house

2. Select the size of your space:

  • Small: 64 Sq.ft
  • Medium: 196 Sq.ft
  • Large: 320 Sq.ft
  • Custom: Enter the room dimensions here if none of the above apply

3. Choose the scope of your renovation project from the three options below:

  • Cosmetic Changes:
    Give your personal ray-soaking space a facelift. Ideal if you are selling your home. Cosmetic changes to the sunroom renovation includes new flooring, light fixtures and a fresh coat of paint. This option does not include new electrical, cabinets, doors, sunscreen, etc. NO permit required.
  • Typical Renovation:
    Ideal if you are just changing the interior. A Typical Renovation sunroom remodel includes mostly new electrical, HVAC, insulation, drywall, texture, paint, flooring, trimwork (baseboards, door casings, etc.), new finishing fixtures and hardware. No guarantees against cloudy days. Permit required.
  • Down to the Studs:
    Ideal if you are stripping walls or want to change plumbing and electrical. A Down to the Studs sunroom renovation includes new, spruced-up versions of the Typical Renovation-level items. New doors and windows along with custom materials, longer lead times and stretched job timelines create a space where you (and your guests) will enjoy catching some rays. Permit required

4. Choose the level of finish you want from the three options below:

  • Budget-friendly:
    Budget friendly is an economical finish level and gives you the feeling you get when you step into a newly built home.
  • Mid-range:
    Mid range finish level is higher end and includes higher quality materials and more personalized options like recessed lighting, higher end appliances, etc.
  • High-end:
    Materials are high end and customized to the owner's taste. Every material will be differentiated and may take a little longer to put together, but the finished product is amazing.

5. Enter your property details

Enter the full address to get ROI /recoup value of your house or just give zipcode to get just the renovation cost estimate.

And there you go! An estimate for your living room remodeling cost is ready!

With this estimate, you can analyze your finance options or hire a professional to get started on the work right away.

We are also happy to offer you options for professional remodeling contractors near you. You can easily do the following:

  • Check if these contractors have been vetted by your neighbors.
  • Explore each contractor's profile.
  • Check out their online reviews.
  • View all their previous permits.
  • Ask around your vicinity about whether you should hire them.

It’s very important that you plan your sunroom addition or renovation well in advance. Here are some tips to make the process easy, hassle-free and quick:

  • Set a realistic budget for your home remodeling project.
  • Always include leeway for some surprise costs. Experts advise allocating 20% of your budget for such unexpected costs.
  • Hire a remodeling expert. A professional will ensure that all permits and inspections are up to date.
  • Double check your local building code for all permit requirements.
  • Determine the size and shape of the sunroom you desire.
  • Ensure that the roofline of your sunroom and its slope support your design.
  • Make sure you choose a structural design that complements the architecture or style of your house
  • Evaluate how the addition will connect to the rest of the house.
  • Depending on your usage, decide if you want a year-round sunroom or a three-season room.
  • Do your research and choose the most suitable windows, doors and skylights for your sunroom.
  • Consider ENERGY STAR labeled products only, if possible.
  • Decide on the best sunroom flooring, lighting, roofing and siding, and whether you require a patio, deck and landscaping to go with the sunroom.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, plan your sunroom remodeling project for the winter season to avoid the spring and fall renovation rushes.
  • Get a written contract from your contractor detailing the complete schedule along with deadlines for milestones. Also get a written guarantee.
  • Discuss and mutually agree on the payment schedule.

Have been dreaming about remodeling your existing sunroom to your home? A well-planned sunroom can provide you and your family members with a bright retreat for relaxation or entertaining.

Note that a great-looking, functional sunroom is an important consideration for potential home buyers, helping you get the best price possible for your home.

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