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Calculate your total kitchen remodel cost

The cost to remodel your kitchen depends on the size of the room and the finish levels you choose. Use our kitchen remodel cost estimator to calculate the total cost of your kitchen renovation by filling in the details of your project below.
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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

New counter tops and versatile appliances. These are the words that pop up when you think about the most important space in your home -- the kitchen. Is that all? Well, let’s think a bit beyond that. What about a kitchen renovation? Well, this simple process can increase the value of your kitchen manifold. You can even consider selling it out to potential buyers after implementing some killer kitchen remodel ideas.

The average cost as well as budget for a typical kitchen remodeling -- depending on the size of your space -- ranges from $21,000 to $63,000. Approximately, a mere 9% of the population spend more than $100,000. Only 4% spend less than $5,000. According to industry estimates, you should consider 5% of the current value of your home as the minimum budget. You can take 15% of the current value of your home as the maximum budget. Only then your resale value won’t be negatively affected.

Kitchen remodel cost estimator

Before embarking on this journey, the primary concern is to get the closest estimate of your budget and your affordability. A budget for any kitchen remodel project comprises various factors. The major constituents are the type of remodeling (addition, renovation, expansion) and size.

Then come in factors such as your location, the year of built of your property, and scope of your renovation. Now, your requirements may vary as well. There are various tasks that are included under a certain scope. Some might require replacement and others just some refinishing.

Considering all of the above factors, your budget will definitely vary. It is not easy to feature in everything within your calculations. So this is where our simple kitchen remodel cost estimator comes in. Just enter your inputs and you get an accurate estimate of your expenditures. This figure is inclusive of materials and labor costs. The prices for the materials as well as the installation are calculated according to the type of kitchen remodel you’re looking. Types can be basic, middle, or high end. Our calculator is totally free and simple to use!

What is the price range for a kitchen remodeling project according to size?

Our kitchen remodel cost estimator calculates kitchen redo prices according to exact dimensions. Here are a few figures to ease your mind:

A typical small kitchen remodel cost for size 10’ x 7’ might include categories such as demolition, framing, roofing, windows, flooring, plumbing, lighting, painting, insulation, dry walls, counter tops, cabinets, HVAC, trimming, and hardware. You can expect to pay approximately $21000 for the entire project.

The total cost for a medium kitchen renovation of dimensions 10’ x 14’ will be around $37000. Again, here, we have considered the above features to be included in your renovation project.

The total cost for a large kitchen renovation of dimensions 16’ x 18’ will be around $63000.

How does Kukun kitchen remodel cost estimator work?

The cost of a kitchen renovation includes the total square feet of your space and finishing details. You simply need to enter the inputs and our cost calculator does the rest.

The first page of the form will ask you to enter the type of remodeling task:

Addition: Adding new square footage to the house
Renovation: Remodeling the kitchen without any change to the walls
Expansion: Expanding the existing area by moving walls within or outside the perimeter of the house

It also gives you options to enter the size

Small: 10' x 17'
Medium: 10' x 14'
Large: 16' x 18'
Custom: Measurements according to your specifications

The next page will ask you to enter your zip code and year of built of the property. You can also enter the complete address to calculate your return on investment (ROI). The ROI is based on the real estate scenario and activity around the vicinity. Permit data and home sales history are required to calculate the equity built. This is applicable only for an entire room with 'Down to the Studs' project finish level. We will come to that in the next section.

After this, you need to choose your scope of renovation:

Ready to Sell: A 'Ready to Sell' kitchen remodel will give you the best return on investment possible without needing a permit. The renovation tasks will feature new flooring, counter tops, faucets, light fixtures, paint, and hardware. This, however, does not include new plumbing, electrical, cabinets, and similar works.

Typical Renovation: This scope allows a complete kitchen renovation. Your sparkling brand new space will feature drywall, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installations, insulation, texture, paint, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, trim work, new finishing fixtures, and hardware. Here, you require a permit.

Down to the Studs: A 'Down to the Studs' kitchen remodeling includes everything from the 'Typical Renovation' level. It features additional interior structural rearrangement, new doors and windows. You will however require custom materials, commit to longer lead times and stretched job schedules. Here, you require a permit.

The next page will ask you to enter the categories of tasks you would like to include in your kitchen remodel, such as:

Framing, roofing, and windows
Plumbing and plumbing fixtures
Lighting, HVAC and electrical fixtures
Insulation and drywall

This is the last step. After entering all the above details, you will get the exact figure for your kitchen remodel project. Once you agree with this budget, you can choose to either apply for a loan, analyse your finance options, or simply hire a professional. We offer you options of reputed kitchen designers who have worked in your neighborhood. Explore the contractor's profile for their online reviews, all their previous permits and ask around your vicinity if you should hire this firm.

Budget kitchen remodel: What measures can you take?

You can ensure a cheap kitchen remodel if you factor in a few considerations.

Consider reducing the cost of cabinets and counter tops: Installing hardware like cabinets comprises almost 35% of the total renovation cost. In the case of a small kitchen, the price for new hardware is $6500. Therefore, check if you have existing options that you can use for your kitchen remodel project. Research on DIY ideas. See if you can work out some installations and repairs of kitchen appliances yourself.

Break up your kitchen redo into stages: If you have budgetary constraints, segment the total project into parts. Do one thing at a time.

Be smart with what you repair : You do not require to replace everything. Check out your electrical components. Even electronic items can be reused or resold at second-hand shops.

Finalize on the best financing option: Weigh out between the two options -- out front cash or a loan. Remember, contractors will always ask for direct payment via cash. Kukun lays out several loan options. Each financing alternative is presented after partnerships with institutions to display offers based on your eligibility. You can even take the Kukun quiz to know the best loan alternative that works for you.

Steps to get started for a kitchen remodel

Be organized. This is the first mantra for a successful kitchen renovation. Now that you know how to calculate a budget, cut down on costs, and what to expect, you can go ahead with preparing a plan for the perfect kitchen renovation.

Choose the perfect professional: Before finalizing a firm, you need to gauge a contractor for their credibility. Shortlist at least five contractors. You can choose based on Kukun credibility ratings and number of years in the business. Check if they have a valid licence, as required in your area. After this, you can finalize the firm that suits your requirements perfectly.

Calculate the amount that you can save on kitchen recoup prices.

Research on DIY ideas to cut down on prices

Always discuss with your contractor about the total floor plan and complete timeline. Ensure that the work starts only after you approve the design.

Never forget tosign a contract with your contractor. Only then, you can hold the firm liable for any errors during the project.

Use your own innovation for arriving at the best kitchen remodel ideas

Before offloading your kitchen remodeling project to a contractor, always use your own innovation to visualize how a particular layout will look in your home. Give your contractor some heads up on how you want the design to meet your needs. The final result should fit with your existing space for an appealing look. Only then, the resale value will be according to your expectations.